China’s Special Envoy for Syria Hold Talks With Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister

China’s Special Envoy for Syria Xie Xiaoyan and Russian Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov discussed political settlement in Syria as well as counter-terrorism efforts.

Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Bogdanov and Xiaoyan have exchanged viewpoints on several issues related to a long-term political settlement in Syria with focus laid on the need to respect the Syrian Arab Republic’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

According to the Ministry, the two sides also discussed procedures to be taken to achieve political and military stability in Syria, eradicate terrorism and improve the humanitarian situation in the country, stressing the importance of exerting more regional and international efforts to push forward towards a political settlement in Syria in lihgt of the UNSC resolution no. 2254.

The Russian and Chinese diplomats agreed on the need to further enhance cooperation on bilateral level, within the framework of the UN or other international circles.

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