Trump Has No Say on Who Rules Syria After Assad’s Victories – Ex-US Ambassador

The Trump administration is allegedly prepared to accept Assad’s continued rule until Syria’s next scheduled presidential election in 2021, New Yorker magazine reported earlier this week, citing US and European officials. The State Department on Tuesday, however, refuted these reports and said that the United States believes that the future of Syria will not include Assad. Continue reading

Former SDF Spokesman Reveals US’ Weapon Supply Pattern to Rebels

Talal Silo former spokesperson for the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) revealed during an interview with the Turkish Anadolu Agency that the US and Kurdish factions including the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PPK) agreed to found the SDF only as an excuse to provide arms and supplies to Kurdish militias: the PPK, the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Women Protection Units (YPJ). Continue reading

Full Translation of Ceasefire Agreement Between US-led SDF and ISIS in Hasakah

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


a) Militarily:

1. Immediate ceasefire by the two sides until negotiations end.

2. The ceasefire lasts for a month subject to extension beginning from 10 Rabi’ al-Awal 1439 AH corresponding to 28 November 2017 CE and ends on 10 Rabi’ al-Thani 1439 AH corresponding to 28 December 2017 CE.

3. Defining the secure geographic boundaries for the two sides.

4. No obstruction of the soldiers of the Islamic State during the carrying out of military operations against parties outside the agreement.

5. Ceasing all military operations against the Islamic State including aircraft and drone operations.

6. The Islamic State is obliged to cease military operations against the party of the agreement.

7. The Islamic State is obliged to stop security operations for the duration of the agreement in the direct conflict zones in Wilayat al-Baraka.

8. Putting in place a military coordinator from each of the two sides to resolve any problems concerning the agreement with a hotline between them

9. Resolving unintended problems of opening fire on the frontlines of ribat and informing the other side and the other side that committed the error is obliged to justify the matter quickly.

10. Putting in place a military coordinator from each of the two sides to inform of any mobilization of convoys on the neighbouring lines to the frontlines and inform of their direction and the purpose of mobilization if it is near the fronts of either of the two sides and that is to ensure we coordinate and eliminate any misunderstanding to guarantee the stability of the frontlines

b) Politically:

1. Whoever of the soldiers of the Islamic State has been taken prisoner among you before this agreement is not to be handed over to any side, and negotiations over his affairs is to be done with the Islamic State exclusively.

2. Working on the issue of prisoners with the specified personnel of each of the two sides.

3. Defining the areas and sides affected by the agreement.

4. No obstructing of arrivals to the lands of the Islamic State from muhajireen and ansar.

5. Registering any violation on the fronts and consulting the personnel concerned with that.

6. Resolving problems that happen at the crossings between the two sides directly.

c) Economically:

1. Opening business crossings from and to the Islamic State and not blocking any product from entering and leaving by each of the two sides.

2. Preserving the oil fields that remain under Islamic State authority.

3. Securing the soldiers of the Islamic State departing for treatment.

Note: the ceasefire ends at the end of the agreed period or if one of the two sides annuls the conditions of the ceasefire, and the Islamic State does not annul pacts and works to preserve compliance and is not responsible for the conduct of any of its supporters or those loyal to it from non-soldiers.

And God is the guarantor of all that is good and is the one who guides to the straight path.